Best Moments in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 (Spoiler Alert!)

Game of Thrones Episode 1 Season 8

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After two years, the long wait is over. Season 8 Episode 1 of our beloved is finally here! Millions of viewers watched the long-awaited series last April 14. Warning: Major Spoiler Alert! Here are some of the best scenes during the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1!

The New Game of Thrones Sequence

The new intro showed us the Wall, which has a hole now of what Eastwatch-by-the-Sea has been. The sequence also showed the Last Hearth, the ancestral home of the House Umber. The crypts of Winterfell made an appearance as well as the inside of the Red Keep.

Daenerys and Jon Arriving in Winterfell

At the last season, Dany and Jon decided to sail together through the North to show everyone their alliance. Here they are the last of the Targaryens riding together to show everyone that they are united. The scene is also reminiscent of the first episode of the first season of game of thrones where the Northerners marvel at the company of a Royal marching through the North.

Jon and Dany ride in the North

A young boy curiously climbing up to have a great view just like Bran before. Arya lurking somewhere to see them as well. Not only the last two of the Targaryens are present, but the remaining Dragons also flew over them as well, causing panic to others.

Sansa’s Sarcasm at Dany

Dany tried to be warm and nice to the Lady of Winterfell. Even complimenting Sansa on her looks but Sansa is not buying it. Though she managed to throw shade at her in the most graceful way. “Winterfell is yours, your Grace” with a hint of sarcasm with her. Uh Oh, looks like there will be some rivalry between the two ladies.

Sansa meets Dany

Jon Riding Rhaegal

Jon riding Rhaegal is such an awesome moment. Not to mention that Rhaegal is named after Jon’s father Rhaegar Targaryen. It is such a fitting scene. The last of the Targaryens and the last of the dragons.

Jon riding Rhaegal

We could Stay Here Forever

Dany and Jon took a quick break to escape the talk of war and politics. Dany led them to a private secluded area where nobody can find them. “We can stay here for thousands of years, no one will find us.” Reminds me of Ygritte and Jon. “I never want to leave this cave

Jon and Dany

Also, Drogon and Rhaegal watching their mother making out with Jon. Especially Drogon who is either in awe or disgusted. Haha!

Arya and Jon Reunion

The last time the two were seen together was during season 1. It was such a heartfelt moment when the two finally are together. Though it was such a short scene, it was perfect that the two siblings are finally together!

Arya and Jon

Arya, The Hound and Gendry Reunion

“You’re a cold-hearted little bitch, are you?” The Hound and his words as usual. “I guess that’s probably why you are still alive.” It seems like the Hound is actually pleased to see Arya alive and quite impressed that a little girl has now grown into a fierce warrior.

Arya and Gendry

But the best reunion is between Arya and Gendry who stilled referred to Arya as “My lady” ! Is there a hint of a romance between them?

Cersei and Euron

Though not the most pleasing scene. Cersei finally let Euron come to her chambers after he successfully delivered the Golden Company. Which by the way is disappointing, it seems like they are just regular mercenaries. Cersei is disappointed for not getting the War Elephants. But at least Euron already got what he wanted!

Euron and Cersei

We always know Cersei’s never been faithful even if she loves her own brother. But now it seems like she wanted to kill both of her brothers now.

Theon Rescuing Yara

Theon finally managed to rescue his sister, Yara. It was a great reunion for them after Yara thought that Theon had abandoned him. The last of the Greyjoys left. Yara plans to take back Iron Islands and letting Theon ride through North to fight beside them. It was a great moment between the siblings.

Theon rescues Yara

Sam hearing the News of his Father and Brother’s death

Daenerys was quite pleased with Sam after hearing he cured Ser Jorah. However, she soon learns that Sam is the eldest son of Randall Tarly, the man who refused to bend the knee so she burned him along with his son who stood by him. It is obvious that Sam did not take this news so well.

Sam Tarly

Jon’s Parentage Revealed to Him

Finally, Sam revealed to Jon his true parentage. Jon was, of course, shocked and in denial (not to mention, he just realized that he is banging his aunt!). Even though Sam insists that he is the King and not Dany (Perhaps out of spite after he learned Dany executed his family). Jon never wanted the throne and still declared Dany as the Queen. Sam asked if Daenerys will ever sacrifice her crown for her people, just as Jon did.

We still have to see how Daenerys will actually react when she learns of this news.

Destruction of The Last Hearth

The Last Hearth and Karhold are two of the castles that are the closest to the wall. The remaining band of Night’s Watch and Wildlings saw the ruins of the castle. The White Walkers wiped them all out. That means the little lord Ned Umber did not make it. We saw him hanging through the wall surrounded by the flesh of the other victims in a spiral symbol that we keep seeing throughout the series.

Destruction of Last Hearth and Ned Umber's Death

What is the symbol anyway? A message from the Night King? The symbol is closely resembling the Isle of the Faces located at the center God’s Eye, Westeros’ largest inland body of water. The location is pretty near Harrenhal. The place is said to be something significant because it is where the pact between the Children of the Forest and the First Men occurred.

Jaime and Bran Reunion

Last but not the least when Jaime finally arrived in Winterfell.

Jaime Sees Bran

Only to find Bran actually waiting for him.

Bran sees Jaime

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