Who is The Geekly Gal?

Not that I’m the most interesting or inspiring person in the world but my parents named me Allana Alberto. I am many things but I am just a random, regular person trying to adjust to adult life who enjoys traveling, reading, writing, playing games and observing the world.

My MBTI results tell me that I am an INFJ (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judgment) which means my functions are Internal Intuition (Ni), External Feeling (Fe), Internal Thinking (Ti) and External Sensing (Se).

I created The Geekly Gal because my mind keeps producing random thoughts that are screaming to get out of my head. I’ve always loved writing ever since I learned how to hold a pen and write. I have journals full of words that’s been sitting in inside my desk for years. I live, breathe, observe and see things. I might as well write about it hoping that one day, there might be someone who would be able to see the world through my eyes.

What I do?

I actually work as a web developer and I built this theme myself from scratch! And from scratch, I mean I designed and coded them myself. Check out some of my works here! So if you happen to be interested in working with me. Send me a message! 

I actually started blogging when I was a kid. I didn’t know what I was doing but I remember how much I love to write and share my stories. Little did I know that this simple hobby would turn into a profession! I became a web developer, I make websites and at the same time, I create content and blog!


Who does not love traveling and exploring new places? Although I get nervous, I get lost a lot and I am somewhat a little agoraphobic, I would love to see the world. Little by little, I am trying to explore my own country (All the 81 provinces!) As for abroad, I want to start of course in Asia! Check out my adventures here!


I love food. When I say I love food, I mean I REALLY LOVE food. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. A huge portion of my income ends up being spent on food. I am guilty of giving in to my cravings every single day. Milk teas, Frappes, Doughnuts, Sweets, and Desserts, name it! I love finding good eats and sharing it with people. 


I am a Geek. This is why I named this blog The Geekly Gal.

I am a huge Game of Thrones fan. Obviously! I read the books! I wrote theories and explanation for showplebs and answer every question where you find yourself confused.

I also do the same for Star Wars, Marvel and DC. Every once in a while, I would binge-watch shows and write reviews about them.


I like to shop and by shop, I mean like Rebecca Bloomwoods (Girl in the green scarf) from the chic flick film Confessions of a Shopaholic. Although not to the point where I would get 12 credit cards and have thousands of dollars of debt.

I also happen to like makeup just like every other girl. I am not exactly a pro at it but I try! Makeup is art and a form of self-expression! It helps gals like me to enhance our natural beauty and boost our confidence as we walk in this world.


I use to love hoarding books until I ran out of space where to put them so I gave away some of them! I also purchase interesting reads from time to time. Something about reading that makes me feel like I am in a different world. My preferred genre can range from sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, fantasy, adventure, horror, and even the classics!


I also write. I have a crazy, highly, active mind that doesn’t know how to rest. I am a frustrated novelist who is trying to build my own world and put them in words. I also happen to write poems every once in a while. My poetry collection is one of my greatest treasure and things that I am proud of.


I’ve been introduced to World of Warcraft when I was 6 years old. Years later, I am still playing them. I play several RPG but I am mostly an MMROPG player. Aside from WoW, I also play Star Wars the Old Republic (Swtor).

The Geekly Gal - Allana Alberto

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