Why Cats are Perfect Pets for Millennials

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Growing up, I’ve always loved pets. What kid doesn’t want them? Cats are walking, fur ball of cuddles. These feline creatures have become increasingly more popular especially for millennials as companions. I’ve wondered why is that?

Over the years, I’ve always been around dogs. I love dogs. They are energetic, active, fun, and intelligent. However, as an adult who works a 9-5 job, they are more high maintenance and requires more time that I usually don’t have. But I still want a companion. So then I thought, Why not get a cat?

I got a 3-month-old Persian Calico kitten that I named her Callie. She was such a tiny, delicate, creature. I immediately got her a cage, cat food, cat litter sand, and everything. I’ve never taken care of a cat before but I figure that this would be a good start.

They are More Independent

I find cats more independent. You can leave them alone for hours as long as they have access to water and food. And you’ll usually find your place as neat as you left it.

They Love to Clean Themselves

What I love about cats is how easy it is to litter-train them. I did not even have to teach my cat to do it and it’s in their instincts to bury their pee and poop in cat litter sand. They also love to lick themselves clean. My Callie often cleans herself every after meal, she hates getting dirty.


They Love to Sleep

My cat literally sleeps all day, just like me. And this is exactly why I find cats as perfect companions for me.

They Love Cuddles

There will be times a cat would “meow” for your attention. Perhaps they want food but most of the time, my cat meows whenever she wants attention. She’d nuzzle in your face and give a soft meow meaning, you should pet her in the head now. She also likes soft belly rubs and chin rubs.

And there’s nothing more delightful than to hear their soft purrs. It is literally an honor to hear them purr because that means they are happy or relaxed.

It doesn’t take much to make them happy

I discovered that it literally doesn’t take much to keep them happy. My cat would usually enjoy playing with anything moving. Whether it is my earphones dangling, a yarn or a little box, they’ll be quite contended and happy with it.

cat in box


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