What it feels like to be 19?

What it feels like to be 19 - the geekly gal

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Let’s face it, 19 is an odd number. It is not the age we are even excited about. Unlike your 18th birthday where you received your first taste of freedom and power, to vote. However, at 19 there are no new perks. It feels just like an another number.


You are too old to be young but too young to be old

You are either surrounded by older people or younger people and you are wondering where the people at your age at?

You are an adult however, you still considered a “teen”. Some people will still treat you like you are a child but expects you to act as a mature, responsible, young adult.

It is a confusing age

You are at that age where some of the friends that you know are either getting pregnant, getting engaged or having awesome careers and you are sitting there wondering about what you want to do with your life.

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You don’t know what you want

You are probably graduating college in a year or two, life is getting tough but you still have no clue of what you are going to do with your life. It is scary to see what the future might hold. People are expecting great things from you and you don’t even know if you can survive it.


You are screwing up your life

Getting fired again, breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend again or you are probably still single for who knows how long. You are starting to wonder what’s wrong with you.


You want to do a lot of things but you are broke

You want to travel somewhere, you want to shop, you want to eat but you can’t afford it. You want to party and have fun but you have classes early in the morning.


Responsibilities are eating you up

You have to do laundry, you need to write your papers for this class, you need to call your parents. Your bed is a mess, you haven’t taken a shower for days, you feel like you need a professional help on how to adult.  These can all feel exhausting. Sometimes you just want to sleep and wake up with the kiss of your diploma.

There are no songs about being 19 that you can’t relate to

No one writes about the awkward age of being 19. Not even Taylor Swift. There’s nothing special about it. The most important ages that people often look forward to are their sweet sixteen, their 21st and their 30s but 19 is just blah.

21 is still two years away

2 years is a long way before you can finally reach the magical age of being 21. Don’t rush, being 21 is realizing that you still won’t magically transform just as you hope you would when you are waiting for your 16th birthday. Enjoy it while it lasts. Make new memories, have fun, dream and build the kind of life that you want. Set your goals, write it down, it is not too late. You have your whole life ahead of you.

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