I Started Blogging as a Hobby

blogging hobby

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I didn’t know or understand the term blogging back then. I didn’t know how to start a blog and I didn’t know that you can even make money from it. But I was surprised to know that I have been doing it already. This is the story of how I started blogging.

I was just a little girl back then just one kid curious about computers. I don’t even remember how I started to learn how to use it but for as long as I can remember, I was good at utilizing it. Then I discovered the internet, it was not as popular as it is now.

I remember using Friendster, playing games at y8 and the early version of Facebook in 2006! I was 10 years old when I discovered Tumblr where I can literally do whatever I want and write anything I want. The best part is, I get to share it to the world and find people like me who just want to express themselves and wants to be heard.

I thought back then that this is where people create their websites. With little tweaks and experiments, I learned a very minimal HTML and CSS manipulation. Changing text-colors, fonts, background-colors, height, and width. It was fun for me. Little did I know that I would eventually make a career out of it.

Never Stopped Writing

I’ve always loved writing ever since I learned how to hold a pen and spell words. I remember writing my own stories about friends, princesses, and fairies. I even remember my first Journal when I was in 3rd grade, which is a Hannah Montana diary with a locket. I wrote about my daily life there.

Since then, I’ve always kept a Journal and I have about 10 of them filled with stories, thoughts, and ideas. One of my teachers in elementary recognized my writing skills and I was sent off to a writing contest. I didn’t win but at least I got the experience.

When I entered high school, I also joined the Journalism club and became a feature writer. The first writing contest I joined was the District Press Conference where I bagged the 2nd place. I was so surprised and shocked at the same time because I was just a freshman competing with sophomores, juniors, and seniors. It was that moment where I knew I would never quit writing.

I became a Feature and Editorial Editor of our School Paper, The Big Leap. Being a campus writer is the best thing that ever happened to my high school life. It was one of my happiest moments.

I became a Web Developer

However, when I graduated I did not pursue a degree in communication or journalism. I took Information Technology in college (out of practical reasons and interests as well). This is where I’ve learned how to properly build a website. I also began taking freelance works to keep practicing and enhancing my skills as a web developer. It took a year before I finally went to the corporate world to get the full experience of being a career girl.

I learned how to make websites in different CMS. I’ve learned how to start from scratch. Literally coding them. I’ve learned how to do it from PSD or any other mockup designs and convert them to a live working, website. While having a full-time job, I also take some extra projects as a side hustle.

I did not write for a long time even in my journals because my life became busier and my schedule more hectic. I was always exhausted all the time.

Top Writer 2018 in Quora

I discovered Quora back in 2017. It is mostly because I am a huge fan of game of thrones but the plot can be a little confusing. So I would search about it and eventually came across Quora. I would read a lot there because there’s a bunch of interesting topics, questions, and answers by highly intellectual people who contribute there.

So during my spare time, I would take a few minutes to read there. Then there was a certain point in time where I also started answering questions in Quora. Little by little, I was gaining views. Hundreds and then thousands a day, which was overwhelming.

Around 7 months of writing, I was eventually granted the Top Writer badge in 2018. I wasn’t famous in Quora or anything. I only have around 700 followers but it was such an honor. I’ve also hit a million reads which were great. Then comes an avid reader of my answers who suggested that I should start a blog of my own. It didn’t register to my mind until after a year.

Built My First Website

So earlier in 2019, I created this. I created the Geekly Gal from scratch and used all of the knowledge I had. I am not an expert but I am constantly learning. So far, I’ve had positive results and it gradually increases.

I am not earning a huge amount of cash like the others. But the perks that I get as a blogger such as getting invites to certain events, freebies, and free products so far has been great. It opened more opportunities for me that can help my blog grow. I think it is a pretty sweet deal considering I only do this for a hobby.

I have also started taking it a bit more seriously. I’ve partnered with different people and collaborated and discuss our ideas to try and make money from this blogging thing. I’ve built several websites with them in different niches, collected enough content, experiment and see how it goes. So far, it’s not yet something that will make us fat rich but it’s steady and helping us to have a passive income.


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