Judgment is natural: Why people judge other people?


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Our entire life is spent on evaluating it and what is laid in front of us. Judgment has always been a part of us. Every single situation, every experience and every person, we judge. It’s part of our nature. We have been blessed with the sense of speech, hearing, taste, touch and intuition to help us evaluate our surroundings.

Why we judge other people?
Why we judge other people?

Just look at this flower. What do you see? You can see that it is a flower. You recognize that it’s a rose, it is red in color with thorns. Now look at this butterfly. It has black wings with white dotted pattern.

Now look at this place.

 Why we judge other people?

Gross and dirty right? They are not pleasant in your eyes. You’re thinking that it must have an awful smell and it is just unsanitary. You wouldn’t want to live here.

Now, think about these:

  • What if your mother ends up dating a younger man who’s your age?
  • What do you think about pregnant mothers who wanted abortion?
  • What if your ex suddenly dated your bestfriend?
  • What do you think about exotic dancers?
  • What do you think about Kim Kardashian?
  • What about Angelina Jolie?

You see judgment is in our nature. It is part of our way of thinking. As long as you have a brain and you are capable of having thoughts, you will judge. We see things, we perceive, we identify them and we judge them. You are judging this answer right now and you will judge again later after you have finished reading this.

What is judgment anyway?

By definition it means:

  • an act or instance of judging.
  • the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.
  • the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively,authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action,good sense, discretion.
  • the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion, as from circumstances presented to the mind.

Judgment is often offends or disappoints somebody because each of us have different thoughts and views in life. Some people are also afraid of being judged and evaluated because they are afraid of the truth about themselves and this makes them feel difficult to accept judgment. Not everyone can handle criticisms.

Also the problem of judging is where we base these judgments from. We often tend to judge too quickly without seeing the whole picture.

  • You will judge a pregnant teenager and most of you would assume she’s a slut but you have no idea how she got pregnant in the first place. Maybe she was raped, maybe she was abused. Who knows right?
  • You will judge a girl for being prude just because she doesn’t want to have sex and she wants to save it.
  • You will judge a man for fighting with a woman but you did not know that he’s just defending himself from that woman who viciously attacked him.

Knowing how and when to judge is important. Judgment comes from evaluation of facts. But there are people out there who would rather be ignorant than open their minds and this ignorant often makes them blind and unable to see the whole picture. These people are the ones giving judging a bad name. That and those trolls who would just spout offensive comments for laughs, people who are not capable of accepting judgments and people who think highly of themselves and feel that they are superior to others.

Don’t fear being judged. You will learn a lot more about yourself if you know how others perceive you. Don’t be afraid of criticisms because you are not perfect, no one is. You might find criticisms helpful to help you into becoming a better version of you. But we shouldn’t be too concerned about what other people will say. We often waste our lives trying to please everybody. Well you know what? You can’t. So whatever you do, there’s always someone out there who won’t like you for whatever reason, someone will think negatively of you but we can’t win them all.

And don’t be afraid to judge freely as long as you know how and when to do it. Remember to always look at the big picture.

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