Insomnia: The struggles of being a Nightowl

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Having insomnia is not easy. Imagine that it’s 4am in the morning and your eyes are wide awake. You’ve been rolling on your bed for hours, tossing and turning. Your mind is active but you are physically exhausted. Sleep feels like it’s moments away but it never comes. You keep staring at the ceiling. The clock’s ticking until the sun rises again. You only have a few hours left and it is never going to be enough.

But you have to wake up early tomorrow. You have responsibilities to do. It only felt like a few seconds before your alarm rings. You have no choice, you have to get up. Or do you wanna call your boss and say you are sick yet again? They’ll sense through your bullshit. Just get up, there’s many things needed to be done as an adult.

You’ll be tired the whole day so you would grab a cup of coffee for that shot of energy. You need that keep you throughout the whole day. However, you were never really energized. You just increased your heart rate but you are still tired. There’s weight around your eyes and you wanted to close it for a while.

You’re just too tired to do anything.You cannot focus therefore you are performing work poorly. You feel irritated at even at the littlest things, you get into arguments with someone. You’re frustrated, you’re angry and you just want to take a break.You never really get to enjoy your day. Tomorrow, it will be the same until the weekend where you are finally allowed to sleep the whole day.

You envy those people who would lie on their beds and snore after a few minutes? How is that even possible? What sorcery is this? People suggest many different things. Some say they do exercises so they would be tired to be up at night. Some say milk or tea every night would help. Some day you should start counting sheeps until you feel drowsy. Pills? No that’s too risky. You do not want your body to rely on them. Meditate? You tried but your brain keeps functioning and thinking about many things at once. There is no off switch for this.




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