I am a Mediocre Blogger but that’s Okay!


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Not so long ago, I started this mediocre website because I wanted to become a blogger. And since I am a web developer (probably a mediocre one too), I created it by myself! But at least I wasn’t confused about starting a website or how I should do this and that and I know where exactly how to put things and how to do them!

I want to start blogging

I remember having so many doubts about blogging. But that’s because I was always worried about not having enough audience, not having enough profit, lack of ideas for new content, etc.

But you know what didn’t stop me?

I really love writing. Even if I am actually a shit writer with unimpressive writing skills. If you’ve been reading my blogs, you’ll notice that my writing isn’t exactly that spectacular. But I don’t care. I want to write, I want to express myself and my ideas.

And you know what? Being a bad writer isn’t really that bad at all!

Perks of being a Mediocre Blogger

I was desperate for reads for a while. Do you know what I did? I joined groups about blogging. To find beginners like me who are a bit lost in the blogging industry and also experts who can guide us in the path that we are taking.

I started talking to people. I also read blogs and desperately tried to connect with them, be friends with other bloggers and support each other.

These little, desperate things that I did? Did it work? Well, not really.

It did help trickle a bit of view.

But you know what are the things that I learned?

I learned how to connect with people. Believe me, I am an introvert who is unconfident with talking to people or even making the first move to approach. But my desperation for reads somehow pushed me to take myself out of the comfort zone and shamelessly talked to them.

Once I did that, I found myself invited to cool events such as free trips, grand openings of restaurants, getting free meals! Yes, free meals! I am so cheap that I attended them for free meals. In exchange for an honest yet detailed review, of course.

I found myself exposed to different things like fashion shows, car shows, language events, summit events, and even networking events.

Who would have thought that blogging taught be basic, human, skills that I am actually lacking?

I learned how to be a Spy

Aside from that, I also learned how to research. Not just research like typing in google but to do an actual research.

How to get readers for my blog?

How do I make money from blogging?

How do I get traffic from my website?

Well, well, well. You’d have to learn SEO, my friend. What is Search Engine Optimization, you say? This is another topic of its own.

Also, part of the research is stalking your competitors, people who are in the same niche/topic as you. Eventually, you will get curious. Why does this person have a large following? What does she do exactly?

So you’d try to emulate them. Not totally copy them but learn from them.

Why I Still Write

I mean I don’t exactly have a large number of following but reading comments from people who are thanking me for sharing this information or how they tell me they enjoyed reading my stuff is one of the things that kept me going. I really, really appreciate it when people read my stuff.

It’s like yay! I am being heard. My random thoughts, ideas, and experienced somehow made an impact on people. That is really touching to me.

I make sure that I also respond to the nice comments that I am having? Why? Because in this industry, engagement is important.

And even if you only get 10-20 views per day? So what? As long as it is not you viewing your site 10-20 times (God, don’t do that. Use that time to write better content instead and the views will come). It’s perfectly fine to have very few readers.

Is there money for mediocre bloggers?

Well, yes if you are desperate enough. There are plenty of ways to make money aside from ad networks, affiliate marketing, selling your own products/services or writing reviews in exchange for cash or other tokens.

I don’t exactly have a huge profit. If I have, you’d always see new posts about me jetting off to a nice, warm, beach to Bali, Cancun or dining in Paris.

I do get profit but they are not yet at the stage where I am swimming in money but hopefully, I will get there someday! Fingers crossed!

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