How to Keep Your Sanity during Quarantine (Do’s and Don’ts)

quarantine during coronavirus outbreak

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Covid-19 or coronavirus is not just a simple flu or any other winter disease. As of March 28, 2020, there are around 500,000 confirmed cases worldwide. Many of us are stuck in our homes, as the experts recommended that we stay indoors due to the global pandemic.

Remaining inside your homes is probably the best way to avoid catching the virus. But most of us are probably wondering how long will it last?

No one really knows for sure but until then, you and I are stuck. Luckily, I’ve been doing self-quarantine before this outbreak even began. I’ve compiled a list that can help you keep your sanity during these times.

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  • SHARING FAKE NEWS – There are plenty of gullible individuals falling for fake news, don’t be one of them. Be an intellectual and make it a habit to do a fact check. Chances are, you’re just contributing to the mass hysteria, making others unable to think rationally. Verify your sources before you share it.


  • HOARDING STOCKS or PANIC BUYING – Just get what would be sufficient for you and your family in a month but don’t be that kind of person who hoards toilet papers, sanitizers, alcohols, masks and everything leaving the others empty-handed. You’re not the only person in this world who needs them.


  • REBEL – Don’t be a rebel disregarding the rules during the quarantine. Stay at your homes! Only go outside when necessary.


  • RACIST – In times of crisis like this, racism will not be much of a help. You’ll most likely just create more unnecessary drama.


  • Consuming Too Much Junk Foods – That means gorging on chips and eating instant noodles for 3 days in a row (Hello kidney stones!). It’s not good for your health.


  • Binge-Watching Too Much – It’s okay to catch up on your favorite k-dramas and shows but you’ve got to get up and do something too! Don’t finish 3 seasons in one night!


  • Scrolling on Your Phone for Hours – Whether there’s a quarantine or not. It’s not good if you spend more than half of the day scrolling on your phone, checking messages, playing games, or chatting. Put down that phone and do something!


  • TAKE A SHOWER – Just because you are not allowed to go outside doesn’t mean you will disregard personal hygiene. Take a shower!


  • CLEAN UP – From the moment you wake up, make it a habit to make your bed. Sweep the floors, do the dishes, do a general cleaning in your house. Since you have so much free time, now is the perfect moment to do them.


  • Practice Social Distancing – Whenever you have to go out because you need groceries or whatever. It’s much better to practice social distancing in order to prevent yourself from catching the virus. Immediately toss your clothes for washing once you are back and take a good bath.


  • WASH YOUR HANDSMake sure to sanitize right after touching public things (Doorknobs and handles, ATM machines. But the best way to make sure you are clean is to wash hands as per global guidelines (min. 20 seconds)


  • Do Some Exercises – If you can binge-watch for hours, what’s a 30-minute work out for you? Start simple, 10 minutes per exercise like squats or a bit of cardio. There are many workout-apps and workout-at-home programs out there.


  • Learn Something NewThis quarantine is the perfect time for you to learn something new. Why not try cooking? Learn a new recipe? Try crochet? Or work on a new art if you’re an artist? Finding new hobbies and committing to them will help pass time. Why not make it worthwhile?

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