7 Signs of Fake Friends That You Need to Know

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We all make friendships throughout our lives. But as we grow up, our circle of friends starts to shrink. People change and that’s part of life. Some had to go away, some just stopped being friends and there are some that would only pop up during their times of need. At some point, we’ve all had that fake friend.

How To Spot that Fake Friend

They Always Talk About Themselves

Every single time that you are with them, they can’t seem to stop talking about themselves. They personally want you to know every single thing that is going on with their lives.

Even if you are talking about something else, they will always find a way to insert themselves back to the conversation. Whether it is their job, new clothes, their haircut or their latest vacation. It’s always about them.

They Are Not Interested With Your Life

When it is your turn to talk, they seem disinterested. You would notice how they barely engage. They will reply with “Ohhh…” or “Mhmm…” Obviously, they do not want to hear about it.

faux friends

They Only Appear When They Have Nothing Else To Do

Another sign is when this certain friend is always not around. Saying they are busy and so. But you see them going to parties with all other cool people. Fake friends like this will only finally agree to hang out with you when they are bored.

There will be times that they will ditch you for their cooler and more interesting friends. Sadly, you are only their option to pass time. They do not respect you and your time. They don’t care about you and your emotions.

Also, you’ll know they are fake the minute you start becoming boring for them, they are goners for sure.

Only There When They Need Something

Although friends cannot be with you 24/7, you’ll know when you are just being used. They are MIA whenever you are the one in need of help. They’ll always find any type of excuse.

Do you have that friend who only ever talks to you whenever they need something? Yet they don’t even bother to say hi or hello. They don’t even ask how you are. But even if they did, the small talk is cut short after they stated what they need.

How to spot them? Say no and they will most likely not reply again.

Or they would get dramatic about how no one is there for them. Nobody wants to help them and tells a sob story just to get you guilty. Fake friends are expert manipulators.

They Gossip About Their Other Friends

If you notice your friend speaking poorly about their other friends, they probably do the same behind your back. Beware of this kind of people.

fake friends

They Are Often Envious

Speaking of gossiping about their friends, if you notice that all they ever do is to put others down and insult the others, it is a sign that they are fake. Especially if you see them buddy buddy with this person that they seem to hate.

You Feel Negative Energy Around Them

If you feel like seeing this person would ultimately just suck the fun out of you and makes you exhausted, then they are probably not your friends. Real friends cheer you up and radiates happiness.

How to Deal With Them

Learn How to Say No

When you realize that you are being used by your fake friend, learn to say no. Stop letting people take advantage of your kindness.

Most of the time, these fake friends will stop bothering you again if they did not get what they want from you. Your time is valuable. You would rather spend it with your real friends, the authentic ones.

A Small Social Circle is Okay

These type of people are toxic and would honestly just drain you. Cutting them out is totally okay. It doesn’t mean you are bitter, it only means that you respect yourself enough to walk away.

small number of friends

Even if it means that you will have a small group of friends, that’s okay. Quality over quantity! Do you honestly want to have hundreds of friends who secretly hate you or a few ones who are genuine and authentic?

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One response to “7 Signs of Fake Friends That You Need to Know”

  1. Indeed! sometimes we ignore what we observed because we want them to be our friends.. but seriously? why bother of those bitches! I hope everyone could read this because it happens most of the time.

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