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Today, a love poem by Allana Alberto

Me and Jack in Sapa

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I have you today
And it was good
I wonder if you’ll stay
I wonder if you’ll walk away

There is no promise of tomorrow
No promises of forever
It is as real as it can be
As we let our feelings grow

I have you today
And I wanted to have you more each day
I don’t want you to walk away
Is it selfish that I want you to stay?

There may be no promise of tomorrow
But It is a risk I must take
I don’t know if I could
All I know is that I should

It was fast yet the world is still
When I look into your eyes
I don’t even know what to feel
But all I know is this is real

There is no promise of tomorrow
You might decide not to stay
You may suddenly leave the next day
The future is something we do not know

And I don’t know if that’s bad
But as long as we want to, I’ll stay
And I am glad
That I have you here today

I wrote this for Jack last September 30, 2018 as a present on the first time we will be apart and when he had to go to his home for a month. Along with a box of things that I hope will help him remember me.

I wrote this just in case he will change his mind when he comes back home and decides he wants nothing to do with me. I told him about that and I remember when he said let’s just enjoy what we have today.

However, some things won’t last no matter how bad we wanted it. From “let’s see how far we can go” to “we can’t go anywhere”

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